DTR is published on the first of every second month (December 2017, February 2018, etc.) with a standing submission deadline for each issue of the 18th (e.g. November 18th for December 2017).

The submission windows for 2018 are as follows:

1st December 2017-18th January 2018
1st February-18th March
1st April-18th May
1st June-18th July
1st August-18th September
1st October-18th November

We welcome all genres of literature and art; reject any promotion of intolerance, hatred or fear. Contributors maintain ownership of and the right to republish their content. Currently we’re unable to offer payment. We also accept previously published material, once contributors own the rights to it.

We do not read submissions that fail to follow these guidelines:

1. Max. word count, 3500, no minimum; submit up to 10 pieces of artwork, 10 poems
2. Submit literature as an attachment in Word, format artwork using png/jpg
3. In the submission document, include a brief third-person bio re. you and your work
4. Submit by email:

• fiction and features to
• art and non-fiction to
• poetry to
• drama to

We are open to longer submissions. Please email the relevant editor in advance if you would like to submit a longer piece, or to pitch an idea.

For general enquiries, email