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Gene Kelly danced in the rain; we dodge it.

Dodging The Rain is a self-categorised blogazine committed to representing a variety of new works by emerging writers and artists across the artistic spectrum. Founded and edited by three graduates of the National University of Ireland—Galway’s Masters in Writing programme, and one graduate of Uversity, the NUI-recognised Creative Process Masters of the Arts, this multinational quartet aims to provide an internet platform to showcase the work of writers and artists.

This creative initiative was born out of the connections and support system the founders experienced in the course of the NUI Galway’s Writing programme and a desire to further those artistic relationships as well as foster new ones. Galway, Ireland is the base of operations.

img_0708.jpgAine Ni Mhaoileoin
is a Galway-based writer. A recent graduate of the MA in Writing from NUI Galway, she has twice won the six-word story competition in The Irish Independent and her flash fiction has appeared in Sin and Ad Hoc Fiction. As well as being a co-founder of Dodging The Rain, she is working on a number of longer projects, with a view to publication. An avid reader, she has yet to conquer technology, and deals with social media in intermittent bursts of activity on Twitter and Facebook. When not writing, or reading, she enjoys playing with Snapchat filters that call her age into question.



Dana Rabe is young enough to admit her age and old enough to know better. She is a Nebraska native who has lost a good portion of her heart to Ireland, specifically Galway.

A graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College in Saint Peter, Minnesota and Uversity’s Creative Process MA class of 2016, she has not yet been published anywhere but here.




Neil Slevin MA, BSc is a writer from Co. Leitrim, Ireland. His poetry has been published widely and he has taken baby steps in fiction.

Neil is passionate about writing and editing. Last year, he edited Sin’s Entertainment section and the paper’s culture column Resonate. His OCD tendencies keep people in line.




Rebecca Spicer was born in and currently resides in Galway, Ireland. She grew up in Michigan and has had her fair share of snow. She is a recent graduate of the MA in Writing programme at NUI Galway. Rebecca’s first published short story, ‘Summer Street’, featured in The Incubator.

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