Gene Kelly danced in the rain; we dodge it.

Dodging The Rain is a self-categorised blogazine committed to representing a variety of new work by emerging writers and artists across the artistic spectrum. Founded and edited by three graduates of the National University of Ireland—Galway’s Masters in Writing programme, and one graduate of Uversity, the NUI-recognised Creative Process Masters of the Arts, this quartet aims to provide an internet platform to showcase the work of writers and artists.

This creative initiative was born out of the connections and support system the founders experienced during NUI Galway’s Writing programme and a desire to further those artistic relationships, as well as foster new ones. Galway, Ireland is the base of operations.


Áine Ni Mhaoileoin — Fiction and Features Editor

Áine is a Galway-based writer of fiction and drama. After completing an MA in Writing at NUI Galway, she co-founded Dodging The Rain. An avid reader and writer, she is working, slowly but surely, on a number of longer projects with a view to publication.


I’m looking for stories that capture something essential about life, and all the better if this can be achieved with humour and/or magical realism. Dirty Little Fishes by Jess Kidd is a wonderful example of a story that does all of this, and more. I read every submission and pick my top five. It is never an easy decision. My advice? Stay true to yourself but edit wisely before you submit. For short-story writers, I recommend reading Lights in the Distance by Susan Millar DuMars; it is everything.


So far, we have featured interviews with authors, artists, musicians, actors, and even organic farmers. We’ve also published some popular book and film reviews. I’d like to know more about the people, and the art, that inspires our readers and am open to submissions of this type.


Dana Rabe — Fiction and Drama Editor

Dana Rabe is young enough to admit her age and old enough to know better. She is a Nebraska native who has lost a good portion of her heart to Ireland, specifically Galway. Currently based in the Silicon Prairie she is a writer of fiction and drama and a dabbler in other areas. A graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College in Saint Peter, Minnesota with a double-major in theatre and English and of Uversity’s Creative Process MA class of 2016, she has not yet been published anywhere but here.


I have eclectic tastes. If your work can draw me in and keep me there then I will most likely wish to share it with others.


My tastes are no less eclectic in this arena. Show me life and all its edges with humour or harsh words or a trip to the moon.


Neil Slevin — Poetry Editor

Neil Slevin MA, BSc is a writer from Co. Leitrim, Ireland whose poetry has been published widely. He is passionate about writing and editing. Neil edited Sin’s entertainment section and culture column, Resonate, and works as a content writer and blogger. His literary OCD keeps people in line.


I want poetry that feels – each poem to have its own personality and voice. Writing that experiments and challenges our preconceptions of poetry, that looks forward. Don’t pay tribute to poets past; hit me with concision, directness, ‘new.’

For more insight, read the poetry of our September 2017 issue, particularly Tanner Bingaman, Graham Allen, and Niall Bourke.


Rebecca Spicer — Art and Nonfiction Editor

Rebecca is Galway born, Michigan raised. She is currently living in Galway and trying not to go mad from the dreary winters. She has a BA and MA in writing. Maybe one day she’ll be able to earn enough to make those letters mean something but until then she divides her time between a 9-5 job and her writing.

Art & Nonfiction:

If you’ve put thought and time into your work, I’ll notice. If you are trying to be cute or witty, I’ll notice. If there are clichés, I’ll notice.


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