Dodging The Snow — 12 Poems of Christmas

To celebrate Christmases 2018 and 2019, we published a number of Christmassy poems, all of which you can read here. This year’s schedule is below.

20/12: Jorrell Watkins, Real Snow; Chris Pellizzari, Andalusian Christmas Noir
21/12: Ricky Ray, My Favorite Time of Day…
22/12: David Lohrey, A Charlie Brown Christmas
23/12: Al Mclimens, Anaconda
24/12: Christine Brooks, Eve
25/12: Orla Fay, After Narnia; Maurice Devitt, Christmas Day
26/12: Beth Brooke, The Draw of Winter
27/12: Maeve Bruce, The Weighing; Maeve McKenna, Grief That Swims
28/12: Olga Dermott-Bond, Christmas Lights
29/12: Robert Ford, First Overseas Christmas
30/12: Jessica Coleman, Irish Sea
31/12: Dave Stacey, Isle of Man; Sandra Fees, It Isn’t About the Flowers
1/1: Ricky Ray, Resolution

Happy Christmas!
Dodging The Rain

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